My order was declined/didn't go through but my credit card was charged.

Don't worry, you are never charged for declined orders. Your bank or credit card still shows those charges as pending until they receive a final confirmation that those orders were in fact declined, which usually happens in the evening.

When you make a purchase online, your credit card is not actually charged at the moment. The card processor checks with your bank or credit card issuer to first make sure you have enough available credit to complete the purchase. At the time, your bank or credit card issuer places a hold, or pending charge, on the amount of the intended purchase against your card. The card processor then makes sure the other information you input (for instance, your address) is correct, and if all is well, the transaction is processed. If not, such as if you enter an incorrect address, then the transaction is declined.

In either case, your bank or credit card issuer still only has the pending charge on your account. The transaction won't be finalized until the early evening when the card processor sends final confirmations for all of the day's transactions to the banks as explained above.

Please note, some banks or credit card issuers can take 48 hours or longer before they remove pending charges.

When will you restock?

For our Graphics Collection:

We usually restock our popular graphic tees & sweatshirts within 1-2 weeks. For slower items, typically 1-2 months. If an item is no longer going to be restocked, we will remove it from our collection.

For our Clothing Collection:

Most of our crop tops are only available for a limited time. Once they are out of stock, we will no longer restock them. We will usually restock a popular item within 2-3 weeks but for other items, once they are sold out, we will no longer restock them.

Why was my order cancelled?

The reason your order was cancelled could be due to several reasons, most often this is because your payment was not successfully processed.

Please note: We reserve the right to cancel any order that we deem to be possibly of a fraudulent nature or high risk.

The most common reasons are:

1. Item out of stock

2. Billing address & shipping address does not match (For security purposes, all first time orders must be shipped to the credit card billing address)

3. Information mismatch

4. The address and telephone number you provided for your credit card does not match what you bank has on file.

5. Payment declined.

6. Order was deemed high risk based on the IP address you used and address not matching your geolocation.

7. Too many payment attempts

8. Incomplete Delivery Address (We will contact you to verify your shipping address. If we don't receive a response within 48 hours, your order be automatically cancelled).

What you can do:

1. Verify that the information you provided matches the same one on file with your bank/credit card issuer.

2. Try placing an order again & make sure that the information you provide (billing zip code, CVC code etc) matches with what your bank has on file.

3. Try using a different payment method such as Paypal.

Pending/Authorization Charge

You are never charged for cancelled orders. If you see a charge on your bank statement after you placed your order, this is only a pending/authorization transaction that will eventually be removed.

My card keeps getting declined, what should I do?

Credit card decline can happen for any number of reasons such as credit card information not entered accurately or technical issues originating with your bank or credit card.

We recommend to try submitting your payment again following these steps:

- Make sure you correctly enter your credit card number, expiration date & CVC number

-Make sure the billing address you enter is the same billing address where you received your monthly statement ( If you recently moved or if you didn't receive paper statements in the mail, call your bank or credit card company to verify your billing address).

If you follow these steps and your payment still gets declined, call your bank or credit

card company to investigate the reason of refusal.

How do I know if my order went through?

After you placed an order, you will received an order confirmation to the email address you provided during checkout. Please double check the order confirmation to verify your shipping address and order details.

Check your SPAM folder in the event the email did not get past your SPAM filter.

If you still can't find your order confirmation, please contact us.

Where is my order? I need help finding my order.

After placing an order, you should have received an order confirmation to the email address you provided during checkout.

If you have an account, just log in to your account to see the status of your order.

Where is my order? I don't remember my Order # or email address.

Don't worry, as long as you can provide us other information such as the First & Last name or Shipping Address that you provided during checkout, then we can easily look it up on our Order History.

The more information you could provide, the easier for us to locate your order & assist you with any problem with regards to your order.

There are instances where a different email address or first & last name is used when an order is placed, if you could provide all possible information pertaining to who the order is named after, it will help us find your order as quickly as possible.

I purchased an item that is now on sale, can I get a price adjustment?

Unfortunately, we do not honor sale prices on orders that was placed before or after the active sale dates.

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